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Kirin Tor (RP)
Baelor Blacksky, a tauren of little personal renown but possessing a keen eye for opportunity, founded the Company as an answer to the ensuing conflict that surrounded the Horde's arrival in Kalimdor.  Eschewing the traditional concepts of duty and ancestral loyalty, the Blacksky Company (as it came to be called) instead built its own traditions from other sources; blood and gold.  A mercenary company of the highest caliber, the Company earned much honor and even more wealth during the Third War fighting alongside the Horde vanguard at Hyjal and later against Admiral Proudmoore.  These were the glory-days of the Company, but they would not last. 

It was an ill-conceived and disastrous expedition to Northrend that splintered the Company and left the majority of its soldiers, including Baelor himself, dead upon those icy shores. The duties of leadership fell to his son, Blackbraid, who took up the now-tarnished standard in the hopes of restoring the Blacksky Company to its former glory. 

Welcome to the Company, soldier. 
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Patch 5.4 Raiding

davidbsc, Sep 24, 13 10:50 AM.
As determined by the poll at VGO, Blacksky Company will be raiding Mondays from 8pm-11pm server time, starting Monday September 23rd.

Signups will be managed via the in-game calendar, and thanks to Flex Raiding there is no limit once the 10 player minimum has been met.

Happy raiding!

New raid day, one night per week, alternating between Thursday and Friday

Zulandra, May 5, 12 1:44 AM.
As per our latest raid day poll results, our one raid per week will alternating between Thursday and Friday. It's the end of an expansion and we expect things to wind down, as they have in the past at this point in an expansion, so we may not formally poll for raid nights again until MoP.

New Raid Days: Tuesday/Friday

Blackbraid, Jan 20, 12 1:36 PM.
Following the raid day poll, Tuesday and Friday were selected for the raid days from mid-March - mid-May.  We'll do our next raid day poll around May 15th-21th (to go into effect around May 29th).

Thanks to all who voted, and we hope to see new faces with us raiding all the time!

New System for Determining Raid Composition

Blackbraid, Aug 23, 11 1:50 PM.
We have a new system of Attendance Points that we will use to try and let people who sign up for raids but don't get to go some higher priority when the next raid comes around, and also to make it so signup time (so long as you don't sign up within 24 hours of the raid) doesn't matter for priority.  It also explains what "Available," "Alternate," and "Tentative" mean to us.  Check it out on our forum, here.
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